About Us

About Matrix Healthcare India

MATRIX HEALTHCARE INDIA is an Indian Proprietorship concern established in 2012, specialized in the execution of Hospital Projects in All Over India, exporting the Indian know-how in hospital engineering. We develop Projects, provide studies, consulting services and the complete range of medical equipment adapted to end users’ needs, along with all services related to these projects:  installation, acceptance, commissioning and assistance to start-up, training and maintenance. We intervene in a wide range of projects: construction, renovation, expansion of hospitals, clinics, maternities, dispensaries, operating theatres, health centers, oncology centers, blood banks or laboratories, covering all medical specialties.

We are an enviable position in the healthcare industry by producing a wide range of apparel for radiology, laboratory reagents, diagnostic kits and even protective apparel for radiology departments, covid equipment’s, the products are used in healthcare setups and hospitals across the India.


  • We serve our customers with efficient, quick, and knowledgeable answers. Together, we identify your needs, expectations and
  • We develop optimized Solutions clearly expressed and easily
  • We activate our wide network of specialists, and design the optimal solution to maximize the value of each
  • We provide accurate and impartial Information to document our choices and to support the decision
  • We combine People and Technologies to enhance the patient-flow and to simplify the work-flow. The health of your patients, the quality of care, and the well-being of your staff will remain our first
  • We bring together a broad range of Products and Services, in the most convenient and ingenious way for our.
  • We mitigate Risks and Constraints to wisely build a serene future on solid bases